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Our Skull Necklaces are made with high quality Stainless Steel or Sterling Silver to ensure you the best and long-lasting quality. Hypoallergenic and will never rust, tarnish or fade. Our fashionable Skull Necklaces are cozy enough to wear every day. superior polished excellent craftsmanship and fit. Making it the ideal present for any occasion such as events birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, Thanksgiving, retirement, Christmas, Father's Day, Mother's Day, and many more.

Skulls appear on all styles of clothing, accessories, and jewelry. Believe it or not, skull jewelry made of metal or bone has been worn for centuries, and the meaning behind these images has remained mostly unchanged.

Some ancient civilizations used the skull as a symbol of the cycle of death and rebirth. In these cultures, death was not tinged with the same stigma as it's nowadays, and the cycles of nature (including the passage to the afterlife and even the underworld) were treated with the same respect as the respective gods supposedly controlled them. . . Real bones were also pierced through regions of the skin and joined together to create jewelry. In this case, the larger the bone, the more skilled and respected the member of the tribe. In the 15th century, individuals started to decorate themselves with skulls and bones in order to serve as a constant reminder of their death.


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